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Case Studies

Learn how this FIFO couple went from huge debt to a super strong financial position within 6 months.

Mark and Pauline went from their money situation being wildly out of control, heavily in debt and frustrated with their financial situation…
to a clear financial life plan, significant debt reduction in a short period of time and comfort and confidence in their financial future.


Learn how this busy hard working Perth family have fast-tracked their home loan from 30 years to under 10 years

Romy & Rae went from the struggle and frustration of juggling the costs of raising 2 young children, day-to-day expenses and a home loan that was barely moving…
to a place where they fast-tracked their home loan, built up their savings to go on regular overseas holidays and have confidence and clarity in their financial future.


Learn how John and Stacey will pay off their home loan under 6 years and will have $700,000 more for their retirement

In this case study, I’d love to share with you a story about how our clients John & Stacey went from paying too much tax, a home loan debt that was not coming down fast enough and never having enough money to support their family and lifestyle…. to a place where they are fast-tracking their home loan and will have it paid off in under 6 years, they now have a strategy to consistently reduce their tax …. Have built up a savings buffer and have confidence and clarity in their financial future.

With retirement only 17 years away, they were wondering how they could possibly start thinking about retirement and having enough money set aside for their future when money was going out just as fast as it was coming in.

And their fear was things would never change and they could not see how it was going to get any better.

Have you ever felt like that before ……?

What they needed to do was go from ‘hope and pray` that they’d get on top of their costs and loans to having confidence, certainty and a clear direction in their financial future -knowing that their loans will be paid out in a few years and there would be more than sufficient money to do the things they want now and also in retirement.

With a desire and commitment to make a change … and just 3 simple strategies they learned since joining Acclaim Wealth Solutions, they’ve totally turned things around.

Let me tell you what happened….

Situation Snapshot meeting 15min phone call


The family

Let me give you a quick overview of John & Stacey from Mandurah

John works FIFO in the mining industry and his wife Stacey is a full-time mum looking after their little girl who’s in primary school.

The Problem

When I first met John & Stacey, they really didn’t have anyone they specifically worked with to improve their financial position…. They were your typical family…. making their home loan repayments and trying to save something.

They were pretty much doing it alone the best they could! They were tracking almost every dollar spent and racking their brains on how they could free up cash to get their home loan down faster and save more money while still maintaining some sort of lifestyle.

John worked very hard to provide for his family and wasn’t comfortable about asking people for help on how he should manage his money. Sound familiar …?

Stacey was doing everything possible to maintain the household and nurture their young daughter while John was away working.

John felt frustrated and negative at times but he just got on with it and Stacey was doing the best she could while longing for the odd overseas holiday every now and then and the lifestyle they deserved but neither of them could see how this was going to change any time soon.

The challenge was that they knew they had to do something but didn’t really know where to start.

Their bank wasn’t much help. John had chatted to other guys in the mines and tried some of their tricks but nothing made any significant difference. They were struggling to know which way to turn and how they were going to turn things around.

The Impact

So John kept working hard doing the rosters to ensure he earned money for his family and Stacey kept chipping away as best she could.

When John was back, everyday life went on as usual and they occasionally went on camping trips but they were in a bit of a rut and nothing was really changing … money came in and went out just as quick and they both hoped they’d be able to do more with the money they earned.

The Key Shifts

So what we needed to do was come up with a plan! A strategy that would be manageable and work with their changing needs as well as provide for their future. Something that would allow them to save tax consistently and legitimately, get the home loan down and provide spare cash for the lifestyle they desired both now and in future years.

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The Actions

Here’s what we did

We designed a strong strategic personalised plan that gave them clarity and confidence and showed them a path they could follow that would work for them now and allow for their changing needs.

We clearly identified what money was coming in so we knew exactly what cash we had to work with (and them to play with).

Secondly, we worked out where money was going [what was going into necessary costs, savings and what was going into tax deductible items].

Thirdly we determined what key areas they could make changes in so that it would align with their priorities as well as highlighting some potential problems that could occur if they did not address these things now.

By addressing their budget and finding opportunities, we were able to identify problem areas and what to fix 1st 2nd and 3rd.

The Results

And here’s what the results are now…. There are 3 distinct improvements for people who follow this strategy

  1. The home loan is paid out quickly. John doesn’t have to feel pressured to keep working for longer by clearing one of their biggest financial headaches.
  2. Savings tax (legally) – John & Stacey can pay their fair share of tax and feel confident knowing that their income is going towards their lifestyle rather than seeing a large amount of their hard-earned money being taken by the government.
  3. Greater surplus cash for lifestyle and retirement. By using smart money strategies, paying their home loan down and clearing personal debts, they are now channelling money into improving their lifestyle and also saving for their future retirement.

So instead of tracking every dollar and not knowing how to fix their situation… they’ve now got comfort and a plan to get things done.

Instead of hoping and praying for a better lifestyle and being spoiled every now and again …they’ve now got a structured plan and strategy to improve their financial life.

Instead of not knowing where to start they’re now on track and feeling great about themselves

The Lessons

So the lessons here are really simple…. You can either keep doing things the way you always have been…. Getting frustrated that your hard-earned money is paying everyone else first while you give too much of your money to the tax man …… thinking “we earn a lot of money but where does it go?” and wondering when things are going to turn around …. OR ….

You can craft a very different lifestyle. One that places you in absolute control, gives you clarity and certainty where you have no personal debt, pay your fair share of tax and now more and have money in savings both now and in the future to live the lifestyle you deserve!


What Next?

So, here’s what I want you to do right now:

Firstly, I want you to prioritise what is most important in your life, the top 3 financial things that you would like sorted right now. And think about how will you will feel knowing these things are going to happen….

Secondly, I want you to think what is the next logical step to making this a reality for you. (here’s a hint …. That might involve you and I talking 🙂 )

And third, work out who you are going to take financial advice from – will it be your mates at work, the taxi driver who knows the latest stock to buy …. or someone who has a proven system and specialises in what you require to guide you in making the necessary changes.

Decide what. Decide When and Decide with whom and watch your life turn around – your personal debts will be gone, you’ll pay less in tax and your savings will increase substantially along with the quality of your lifestyle.

You will no longer feel the frustration that your hard-earned money is vanishing into thin air …. You will feel confident in knowing you have a plan that works for you and is sustainable.

Things will change for you and you’ll be the person that your family look up to and respect


Next steps

This case study is the TRUTH.

John and Stacey are committed champions enjoying a greater lifestyle with more financial success (and they deserve it too ….)

If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about then

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  • I’ll teach you the number 1 thing that is stopping you from getting what you really want
  • I’ll give you a 3 step action plan and let you in on a couple of powerful actions to create surplus cash flow
  • • And you’ll leave confident, excited and inspired to take your financial future to a higher level ….FAST!

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