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Monthly Archives: November 2017


How to deal with your Christmas Financial Hangover

G’day guys,

Andre here from Acclaim Wealth Solutions, and today I’d like to talk to you about the inevitable Financial Hangover that you’re going to have this Christmas. You know the one…

The one where you had too much festive cheer and then a few weeks later you get the festive credit card in the mail.

Or maybe it’s the one that you had too much Christmas pudding but instead of Christmas pudding you had too much of a Christmas spending binge.

Sound Familiar?

Well, today I’m going to give you one of those hangover tablets to help you with your post-Christmas hangover, so stick around and have some fun.

So we’re coming up to that time of year again, Christmas is nearly here…. New Years is just around the corner and we’re already starting to dread what happens every single year at this same time … the aftermath of what has been another excessively expensive festive season!

Too much wine … too much food but more importantly too much spending and over-indulgence over that Christmas season.

And of course, at some point you’re going to have to pay for that over-indulgence whether it be having to go to the gym, or walking that extra mile to get rid of those extra kilo’s or the other way is you’re going to have to repay your maxed-out credit cards and replenish your drained bank account.

Have you ever had a Christmas and new year period feeling like that before? I’m sure you have. Most of us have!

So, one of the things that we do with our clients here at Acclaim Wealth is that we map out a plan of action to deal with the Christmas onslaught – rather than trying to fix it afterwards.

Now I’m not saying that you have to be the Christmas Grinch or make your festive season any less fun and less memorable but with just a few simple tweaks and a little bit of planning it will make your life more manageable and less stressful and you can enjoy Christmas the way you’re supposed to.

So there’s 3 big concepts that we talk about with our clients in the lead up to the Christmas spending season. I am going to use some Christmas analogies to have a bit of fun

My First Tip is to PLAN AHEAD

So what does planning ahead mean?

Just like when you’re ordering your Christmas banquet – your big leg of ham, your seafood, prawns, Christmas pudding… you need to plan ahead right? Because you can’t just turn up Christmas day and expect to have these things magically appear on the table ready for everyone …

Drinks and food – you could be buying those up during the year and either storing them or freezing them so that they are not bought in one lump sum

Presents & decorations – instead of going to the shops 2 weeks before Christmas, like everyone else does and paying 30-40% more, you could actually buy these in June or July when no-one else is buying these and the costs are lower, so it helps you spread the cost over the course of the year rather than having that massive bill at Christmas.

So tip number 1 is to have a think about what you need to spend on and pre-purchase over the course of the year.

Tip number 2 – Be wise

Just like being wise to not have an excess of food, alcohol and festivities, it’s the same thing with random, unnecessary and often wasted gifts at this time of year.

Now Christmas is actually about giving and generosity… but have you ever asked your family “whether they need to actually spend all this money on gifts and “stuff”

So why not take the time over this Christmas break to talk as a family about what would be fair, reasonable and smart use of your money but at the same time stick with this Christmas giving spirit.

As an example, one of our client’s large extended family decided to put all of the adult’s names into a hat and draw one person’s name out of the hat. And that become the person that they purchased a Christmas and birthday gift for on behalf of the family.

Now their rule was that you need to spend up to $150 on that person – a decent & useful gift with some thought put into it. (This kept the costs down and reasonable for everyone and helped eliminate too much unnecessary overspending.)

So the second tip is to have a chat with your family – you might be surprised at how many people actually agree with this suggestion.

Tip number 3 is Pre-fund for your Christmas

What I mean by that is to set a little bit of money aside along the way so that you don’t have to try and find it all at the end.

And the way we often do that with our clients is that we put aside a set amount of money regularly into their offset account. There’s a twofold benefit to this.

The first benefit is that it forces you to save some money for this expensive time of the year.

And the second benefit is that it reduces the amount of interest that is being charged to your mortgage.

Now it may not sound like much… but if you were to do this every year over the term of your loan it adds up to significant savings that most people don’t normally think of or benefit from.

It is all about doing those little things and utilizing all the available opportunities to make your money work smarter for you.

If you implement these tips you’ll be ahead of the game rather than behind the 8 ball after Christmas. Secondly, your family will end up with quality Christmas gifts that they’ll use and like.

And you’ll also have your money working harder for you and chipping away at that home loan

And that is a sure-fire way to get over that Christmas hangover!

If you would like to know more about being smarter with your money or if you have any other wealth creation or debt reduction questions…

Just visit my website www.acfin.com.au and in there you will find a contact me section where you can ask me any question you like. It’s probably the easiest way to touch base with me.

Otherwise, hit the like and share button and type me a message and I’ll jump in and help.

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s Acclaim Insight. Have a Magic Christmas & New Year and let’s make next year even better & more successful for you.

Take care and be awesome


“Are You Sick and Tired of Never Having Enough Money or Savings?”

G’day guys,

Andre here from Acclaim Wealth Solutions and in today’s Acclaim Wealth Insight

I’d like to share with you some tips on managing loans & money to free up cash and have less stress.

I’ll go over a couple of simple ways we teach our clients here at Acclaim Wealth Solutions to

  1. Manage money better
  2. Free up cash flow
  3. Have Less stress when it comes to managing their money & juggling their cash flow

So, stick around for some handy tips in this Acclaim Wealth Insight

I was at a Discovery Meeting with some new clients who were referred to us recently. This couple had a little child & worked really hard to pay their home loan, personal loans, credit cards and the usual everyday costs of living that we all have to pay.

Despite all the money coming in, they always felt like they were living pay to pay and struggling to make ends meet.

Things were spiralling out of control

And they were going backwards at an alarming rate! It was crazy and stressful and they felt embarrassed about their financial situation.

They kept saying “where does all our money go? We’re both working but we never seem to have any money”

They’d heard about some of those ads on TV and radio on budgeting but didn’t know which was the right one for them.

They thought about going to their bank but they’d done that several times before and things were only getting worse.

A friend suggested they speak to a Financial Adviser to get some actual advice about their situation but had resisted for ages as “this doesn’t happen to people like us – right….? We don’t need help on managing our money”

Maybe this sounds like your situation?

What they needed help with?

getting their payments down to a manageable level, a plan to work to and some direction to be on top of all their loans and bills, have spare cash and to be back in control.

So, there were 3 things that I spoke to them about and hopefully these things will help you as well.

  1. Identify where they were at
  2. Prioritise
  3. Revamp their finances

So, let’s talk about

Identifying where things are at

When this couple came to see me, they had stuff all over the place – things were in a mess!

They had lots of loans, credit cards & accounts everywhere, they kept trying to convince themselves they still had control of their finances but they really didn’t have it under control at all.

They really didn’t know how much was coming in, how much was going out, what their money was being spent on or how to manage when to pay all the different bills?

And they were feeling really stressed about their financial situation

Here’s what we did:

  1. We looked at what accounts they had
  2. We confirmed what money was coming in
  3. What money was going where and when things were due.
  4. So that we could get a handle on what was really happening

The 2nd thing we did was to Prioritise

We worked through where they wanted to be financially over the coming years. We looked at how we could reduce their tax, and we re-focussed on the important things in order to get rid of their biggest headaches.

Thirdly we revamped their finances.

We worked out that they could refinance and wrap up all their loans into 1 easy to manage loan payment. We did the numbers on how to fast track their repayments and kill their debts fast

Here’s what happened for them:

  1. They consolidated all their bad debts & high interest rate loans into 1 simple and easy to manage payment.
  2. They got rid of all the paperwork that they felt like they were getting bombarded with.
  3. They didn’t have to think about it as we automated their finances so it was easy to track.
  4. They were given a plan of action to follow
  5. They now felt like they were back in control and could live without financial stress

Does that sound like something you’d like to have in your life?

Finances that are easy to manage, surplus cash to invest and use towards the important things such as your dreams and NO financial stress

So that’s what we did for this couple and I know a lot of people talk about doing this but not a lot of people actually get it done … so the question I’ve got for you is….

From these 3 points above

  1. Identifying where you’re at?
  2. Prioritising which things you should concentrate on first?
  3. Revamping & tidying up your finances to just get it done

Which one do you think would be the most valuable and give you the most sanity in your life?

Do me a favour and find the comments box and let me know OR private message me and we can chat some more. What would help you to get where you need to be faster…?

Anyway, that’s it for today’s Acclaim Wealth Insight. If you liked this video or you think someone else might like it, then please hit the share button.

Let’s help your friends and family to fast track their financial success…!

And, stay tuned for our next Acclaim Wealth Insight as we’re going to look at

How to pay your home loan off quicker and invest sooner

I’m Andre from Acclaim Wealth Solutions. www.acfin.com.au

Look forward to chatting with you again soon.

Bye for now

Stay Awesome